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Piloting Lussya<sub>®</sub>functions

Piloting Lussya®functions

The combination of all the senses,
at your fingertips...


Insert your Lussya® wellness aromatherapy capsule and interact directly with the Lussya® One machine: in instantaneous or programmed.

Light therapy

Realize your personalized light therapy session: set the intensity, the duration ...

Circadian rhythm

Dawn or twilight ... Reproduce your circadian rhythm or your child's, for well-being at bedtime or when waking up. Set up your machine Lussya ® One: add music or sound and set the duration ...

Music therapy

Choose as you like music, sounds of atmosphere or nature, but also stories recorded by you on your dedicated space...


Schedule your weekly wellness planning for a gentle awakening or lying down ... Set the brightness, dawn or dusk, add a sound or music ..
You can also program the diffusion of essential oils, for a serene awakening or a lying.

Wellness massage coaching

For every massage oil capsule you will insert in your Lussya ® One machine, you will find in the mobile application different coaching videos of well-being massages according to your needs ...
You will be accompanied and guided during the execution of each Lussya ® One wellness massage.

Health guide

Your health, your family's
Advice, support ...

Health guide
Health guide

Family home

Find all the members of your family: children, spouse, parents ...

According to the authorizations of the members, access the health profile of your family: follow the growth of your children, keep an eye on the state of health of your parents, follow the evolution of the pregnancy of your wife ...


Follow the growth of your child, from birth to adulthood. Its weight, size, and more ... Just instinctively enter the data into the Lussya ® mobile app.

Follow the evolution at a glance with simple and explicit graphics ...


Find here all your medical follow-up:

Appointments: Make a note of all medical appointments and receive an alert to don't forget it ...

Vaccines: Add each vaccine made. The dates of the next vaccinations will appear in the form of a reminder.

Diseases: Enter the names and dates of the diseases ... This is a parallel with the health record, but still available from the mobile application

Pregnancy monitoring

Follow step by step the evolution of your pregnancy!

Enter your medical appointments and their report

Benefit from information and expert advice tailored to each stage of your pregnancy

Immortalize those unforgettable moments of your life by creating your own photo and ultrasound gallery

Family Corner
Family Corner

Family Corner

Exchange, share...
Learn, discover ...

Place of exchange and discoveries

The Family Corner is a space where you can share topics and share your experiences. It's a place of mutual support among all Lussya ® members ...
It's also tutorials with lots of little tips for all ...

A mobile app for the whole family

The Family Corner is composed of 5 sections:
You can discuss the most popular topics or start a new discussion.
Grandparents, parents, friends, family ... Join the Family Corner

Experts give you their advice

Do you need advice from a health and wellness professional?
Experts participate the Family Corner to answer your questions.

Tutorials, on video!

Depending on your age, find video tips on all the little needs of everyday life! These tutorials are made by professionals of health, education and well-being.