The benefits of wellness massage

Many studies demonstrate in a factual way all the benefits of the healthy, nourishing and benevolent touch.
Right from birth, nonverbal communication furthers the parents-children relationship.

In her book "Skin and Touch", Ashley MONTAGU demonstrates that contractions enable skin stimulation to prepare vital systems for post-natal functioning. During baby's birth, skin stimulation activates the neurovegetative system, which acts on the respiratory center and the viscera.

Skin is a vital element, with a large amount of receptors.
It is also the most extensive organ, which provides 4 major physiological functions:

- The skin protects against mechanical aggression, radiation and intrusions of foreign bodies or substances.
- The skin is a sensory organ
- The skin is a thermal regulator.
- Finally, the skin is a metabolic organ (reserve of fat, water and salt)

Tiffany Field, of the Touch Research Institute (Miami), showed the anxiolytic and relaxing effect of the sens of touch on children. Moreover, she has demonstrated that premature babies thrive better if they are in prolonged skin contact with their mother ... Premature babies who are massaged gain more weight, and grow faster (which reduces the time of hospitalization)

As such, healthy touch promotes the increase of growth hormone.
Practiced at a good temperature, it activates the calm and arouses a feeling of well-being ... Thus, the blood pressure of the heart rates and the level of the stress hormone, cortisol, decreases.

Touch has many benefits

According to John Bowlby, it favors the attachment bond between the parent and the child, which gives self-confidence to the child in his exploration of the world.
Massages help developing and strengthening the attachment bond between you and your baby. During this moment, the baby secretes the Ocytocin hormone: the hormone of well-being, love and social connection.

Touch also has virtues on:

The parents: by helping them to be benevolent, it helps the mother in the stimulation of the lactation, and especially diminishes the postpartum depression (after birth).It values parents in their role, and makes them more proud of themselves in the positive impact they have on their child.

The family: The family environment becomes better, with a reduction of conflicts, and an appreciation of the respect between all the members of the family. Plus, a calm family environment allows a better sleep for all!

Society: greater respect and empathy towards others. It is a virtuous circle that will only result in the reduction of abuse, violence, and thus reduction of medical costs.

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