Well-being, natural and organic ...

With the valuable partnership of a laboratory, we have developed ranges of massage products but also ready-to-use capsules of aromatherapy diffusion.
All these products are natural and organic, without any addition of petrochemical industry products.
These are associations of vegetable oils and essential oils with recognized virtues. All are an excellent alternative to the standard medication.

For babies, essential oils are often not used enough. Usually because moms think it can be dangerous. However, this can only be dangereous in some bas uses: wrong dosage, bad mixtures, use of not recommended oils.. That's why we offer ready-to-use capsules (filed patent).
We do not offer products with essential oils for under 3-month-old infants. However, our natural and organic massage oils are not indigestible if the child carries his hand (usually his fist) to his mouth.

Lussya ® offers massage products that can relieve colic, skin irritation, small congestion bronchiolique and finally the relaxation and soothing sleep of the child.
You will be able to find a synergy with aromatherapy diffusion products (to be distributed exclusively before the care for the children of less than 6 years)

Wellness massage products

The skin.
A fundamental organ.
Take care of it.

What we call a massage product is a preparation intended to be in contact with the various superficial parts of the human body, such as the skin for protecting it, hydrating it ...
Lussya® offers exclusively natural and organic products in capsules, from organic farming.
Each Lussya® massage product has a specific property that fits to an age and a massage.
For example, the healthy and nourishing touch on baby's skin is an act of great value. Daily massaging your child promotes the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, also known to be the hormone of well-being, love, social tie and spirituality ... You will contribute to its good psychic and physical development.

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The essence of nature.
In every sense ...

Aromatherapy is the use of substances extracted from plants, such as essential oils, known for their natural properties, especially in olfactory diffusion. From birth, we have been sensitive to the scents that have surrounded us.
Lussya® offers a range of natural and organic essential oils in capsules, ready to be used.
Using aromatherapy before or during a wellness massage can amplify the Lussya® experience.

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