The new well-being experience

Hand warmer
Hand warmer

A gesture. A moment.
It's ready.

When you insert your wellness capsule, the heating of the head of the Lussya® One machine is automatically activated. An indicator light invites you to apply your hands to the head of your Lussya® One.
Once heated, you can then begin the wellness massage treatment.

Product heater
Product heater

Lift it up. Insert. Fold down.
It's already in place.

Lift the lid of your Lussya® One machine, and it will automatically switch on.
Insert your capsule and close the lid. The machine instantly detects the inserted capsule and automatically preheats the product to the correct body temperature.

Vending machine
Vending machine

Your hands are free!
Then keep them busy!

Gently place your hand under the nozzle of your Lussya® One machine, and it will instantly deliver a dose of your chosen product.
Depending on the capsule inserted and the type of wellness treatment chosen, you will have up to 3 dispenses to perform the wellness massages.

Light therapy
Light therapy

The sun's going down.
A glow is awakening.

Beautiful daylight is essential for the body, to be able to fill up with energy, drive away stress and find sleep.
The Lussya® One machine allows you to perform a wellness massage treatment in a controlled light environment.
But it also promotes waking up or falling asleep according to the circadian rhythm, by acting positively on cortisol, the stress hormone... The daily well-being of the child and the family will be all the better for it.
You can combine it with music therapy or even aromatherapy.

Music Therapy
Music Therapy

And so many stories !

Sound atmospheres are part of our daily life. Each sound evokes an emotion within us.

The loudspeakers of the Lussya® One machine allow you to broadcast sounds during a wellness massage, when falling asleep or waking up... Soft music, the sound of the sea, nursery rhymes, stories, recorded by grandparents, family or friends via the Lussya® One mobile application.


The essence of nature.
In every sense...

The diffusion of natural and organic aromatic scents helps to relieve and soothe certain aches and other everyday tensions...
Lussya® One capsules are specifically designed for all members of the family according to their needs.
You can diffuse the aromatic scents before or during the wellness treatment...
Live the Lussya® One experience and let the magic happen...

Master time, light.
And so much more !

From the Lussya® mobile application installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can interact with your Lussya® One by wireless connection.
You can access the different parameters of your Lussya® One :
light therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, as well as the charge status of your Lussya® One, the verification of inserted capsules, and more...