Discover the Lussya® experience

The Lussya® experience

Discover and share a new well-being experience with your family !

The Lussya® experience is all about you and your family, living a very special moment.

Done regularly, massages stimulate the well-being hormone, also known as the oxytocin.
In the same time, it will decrease cortisol, the stress hormon.
Wellness massages are our best ally for a good psychic and physical development, from birth to old age.

Enjoy a relaxing moment with your children, parents or partner and strengthen your links with all of them.

Are you ready to discover the Lussya® experience ?

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Height 26cm, Weight 1,2kg (approximatly)
Coming soon !

Lussya® One

Curves. Lines.
So much emotion!

The Lussya® One machine has been designed to refer to the birth of life.
Its pure lines and generous curves refer to life, to the family tie and to the art of sharing.
Its precognitive and intuitive design invites you to live an amazing experience...
The Lussya® experience!
Discover the benefits of communicating through a natural, healthy and nourishing touch. Appropriate yourself a substantial sensory environment for true moments of well-being.

Wellness massages cares...
Essential oils for aromatherapy...
And it's 100% organic and natural !

Enjoy a complete range of wellness cares, made of natural and organic products, known for their active ingredients, and adapted for the whole family.
Increase their beneficial effects by using them in synergy.

Recyclable Capsules - Recycled paper packaging
Application Lussya
Application Lussya
Application Lussya

Master time, light, and so much more !

From the Lussya® mobile application installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can interact with your Lussya® One via wireless connection.
You can access to the various parameters of the machine such as:
Light therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy, but also your inserted and used capsules, batterie charge level of your machine, and so much more ...