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Family network

Family network

Recreate the link
with your whole family,
where you are...

Bring your family together

Create your family network by adding family members: parents, children, grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc.

Do not forget your friends

Find your close friends and invite them to your events!

Chat room

Discuss, exchange,
with those who are dear to you ...

Chat room

A lounge, a place of exchange in real time

Create your living room and invite the members of your network that you want. You can then exchange with them, in real time

Chat, in instant

A salon is ephemeral, it disappears after 24 hours of inactivity. Your exchanges are instantaneous: you enter the living room, discuss and leave. When you return, previous exchanges are not displayed

Chat with your guests

Gather all your guests in a private room. You can then discuss the various topics: gifts, meals, places, etc.

Events created
Events created

Events created

Organize, prepare
the most beautiful holiday ...

My event, in a few clicks

Wedding, Birth, Birthday, Meal, Cousinades or any other party, Memoties makes it easy to create an event

Guest management

Add the participants, manage your invitations, your reminders ... Assign an administrator role to the guests concerned ...

Places and dates

Define the place (s) and date (s) of your event. You can also make a vote of the guests to choose the date ... A practical option, to discover ...!

A gift, a smile

Forget the endless conversations on the gift list! Memoties allows you to create one or more gift lists. You can do them yourself or in participative mode: your guests can also add gifts. All guests including organizers can contribute to the list, and in one click!

A good meal, a successful event

No more "who brings what?" ! Create your participative meal: everyone completes the meal and indicates what it brings: more forgetfulness, it is a successful meal!

Family Story

Share your best moments in the Family Story: photos, videos, commentary, everyone shares and enjoys a successful event ..

Guest event

You are a privileged guest
Enjoy, live, share
unforgettable moments...

Guest event
Guest event

Share your best moments in the Family Story

Share photos, videos and comments in the Family Story: a place where all the guests of an event meet to share their experience of the event before, during and after ...!
Whether you are present at the event or not, live this one with all the other participants on Memoties

Transport, accommodation, meals, gifts .. So many other possibilities

Need a transportation or accommodation for the event?
Indicate your needs in one click!

Meals and participatory gift lists, everything is together for the event to be successful!